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I vs. Me

I Am
I Am a Light Being
I Am Divine

As for Me,
Well, You can See
Myself is trapped within
this Illusion

I Am Creation
I Am Evolution
I Am All that is

And for Me
Myself and I
We are Together
in this Game

I Am Truth
I Am Star Dust
I Am Forever, as it has always been

With Me, I gain solitude
from my Conditioning
and with Myself,
it is easy to do

I Am the Love
I Am the Light
I Am Her and Him

For Me, it can be hard
because myself is here
And to learn for myself
that it is I...who is Me

I Am the Universe's Child
I Am the Energy it has Created
I Am ONE with the Infinite only a shadow
cast from the wall
in which it is me chained
to see only these shadows
Hearing the faint echos of Sound

For I am a humble student
to learn from Shadows and Truth
I am a freed capture of the Cave

What is to become of I and Me
Will happen simultaneously
both will understand one another
And bring together all the others

(copyright 2010)

Dedicated to my Ego


It is the Destiny of Humanity to come to know its own Divinity.

We are the Observer Living as a Human Being

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