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Christianity, as we know it, is one of the most influential religions in human history. The Doctrines of Christianity sets the moral compass for all of mankind. It gives the boundaries of human creativity and evolution.

It is a man-made religion that takes the Divine power out of your hands, and onto the hands of those that Rule over you.

It is accepted by all religious leaders around the world that the self-proclaimed Apostle Paul (formally Saul) was the founder of these doctrines that form today's Christianity.

Jesus (or Yahushua, his actual name) was not the founder of Christianity as we know it today. Most of the New Testament doesn't even concern the historical Yahushua while the main influence is the Apostle Paul.

Paul never met Yahushua in the flesh, he only claimed some strange vision and proceeded to paganize the teachings of Yahushua (who preached an enlightened form of Judaism), until he created Pauline Christianity. Because there are no known writings from Yahushua, the actual Apostles, or anyone that actually knew Him in the flesh (other then perhaps James), most of what He taught is lost forever.

The Beginning of Christianity stands two figures: Yahushua and Paul.

Yahushua's true teachings and doctrines were preserved by the Enlightened Ones of this era, through Gnosticism. Throughout history, Gnosticism has been scrutinized, because of the deceptions of the Christianity doctrines.

For in the modern world, we do not understand that the values of Christianity was based on Paul, who was born Jewish, and was a Roman citizen. His doctrines were under the influences of the power structures and belief systems of his era. Coincidentally and unfortunately, this paradigm is still exists.

"Seek and Ye Shall Find" - Yahushua

Seek and Find the other half of the Truth.

Watch All Three Parts:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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