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The essence of the prophecies tells of a time when our planet is ravaged by environmental destruction and in a grave state of imbalance caused by greed.

A new tribe of people, of every color, culture and creed will gather and these Rainbow Children, through their brave, wise and compassionate actions, will help to heal the wounds of their Mother, the Earth.

We are experiencing a deeply discordant time similar to those described in the prophecies. A profound shift toward compassionate consciousness is needed for Gaia and her children (human, animal, plant and mineral) to be restored to health and balance. At this time, we are also witnessing the rebirth of the Sacred Feminine aspect of Divine Source, which has been dishonored for far too long.

Children of earth are being called to remember and revere the Divine Feminine qualities of Love, Unity, Harmony, Trust and Beauty. May this tool of Sacred Feminine guidance speak to the tender maiden within the heart of us all, whatever our age or gender.

Some time in the future, the Indians said, the animals would begin to disappear. People would no longer see the wolf, or the bear, or the eagles. And, the story goes, the giant trees would also disappear.

And people would fight with each other and not love each other. And, the story goes, the beautiful rainbow in the sky would fade away, and people would not see the rainbow anymore. Well, children would come.

And these children would love the animals, and they would bring back the animals. They would love trees, and they would bring back the giant trees. And these children would love other people and they would help people to live in peace with, each other.

And these children would love the rainbow, and they would bring back the beautiful rainbow in the sky. For this reason the Indians called these children the rainbow warriors.

Posted by Aakasha Essa on April 11, 2011 at 6:40 PM 1213 Views

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