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You are a multidimensional being, that is to say you have an aspect of your overall soul self, that exists on each of the twelve dimensions that make up this universe.

On the highest dimension, you are part of the Creator, the Source. You projected yourself from the Source as a beam of light, a being in a light body. You projected yourself into the universe.

You sent an aspect of yourself here to the Earth. You first incarnated here, as pure energy. The planet was not dense and solid, like it is now. You were part of a group of light beings, who were the first souls to come from the source; you came here as pure energy to experiment with the powerful energies of the Earth.

The merging of your energy with that of the Earth was the most amazing and beautiful experience for both you and the planet herself. As the Earth cooled and began to drop in vibration, many of your kind were no longer able to come to the Earth, as their bodies were too light and the density of the Earth, made it impossible for them to stay here.

Many left to never return. However there were many of you that choose to stay here on the Earth. You would have to transform the soul body into a denser form, in order to be able to stay on the Earth.

We are all multidimensional beings. We live on the human dimension and we live on many other dimensions at the same time.

Our human lives are interlaced with emotions and circumstances which are particular to this dimension, but which do not exist on other dimensions.

We incarnate into human form to learn what this dimension has to offer us. Once we've learned the lessons of human existence, we may if we choose move on to experiences in other realms. Or we may choose to stay and express our multidimensional selves on this earthly plane.

All that keeps us attached to living here in our prior human context is a belief that we still have more to learn from a limited reality. Once we let go of that belief and transcend the limits of third dimensional life, there's no further need to return to that belief system.

We can then live here or anyplace as evolved and further evolving beings. Many beings incarnate here to continue the work of very specific projects or potentials from lifetime-to-lifetime, using the tools and materials available each time around.

This, by the way, is why people, such as "child prodigies", may immediately take up specific work of particular historical figures. This may be seen as multiple incarnations of the same spirit, and it's actually quite common here.

Contrary to popular vision, people really have no particular need to come here and serve humanity per se. The real reason one incarnates here is to serve oneself, or more aptly, to serve one's "higher self"by having particular experiences here.

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