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Auras are electromagnetic fields that surround every living and non- living thing upon the Earth and within every planet and galaxy in the Universe.

Electromagnetic fields are fields that are composed of a combination of naturally-present electrical and magnetic waves and particles which, because of gravitational pull, are brought to vibrate continuously.

The continuous vibrational movement of this electromagnetic field produces electrical frequencies; it is these frequencies that combine to form the aura (the electromagnetic field that produces the aura is referred to as the auric field).

Once these frequencies reach a certain level, they can be seen by the human eye in the form of colors. Everyone is capable of seeing auras, the human eye is expertly configured to do so; however, very few individuals are physically apt enough to see auras without meditation or metaphysical aid because of the lack of knowledge present on how to use the energy within the brain that would normally allow for such.

In times passed, the brain possessed a great deal more electromagnetic energy than it does at this point in evolution; this is due to the fact that more electrical and mitochondrial energy (ATP) became more necessary as time has gone by and, in compensation, the electromagnetic energy that is necessary to assist the eyes in seeing auric fields was diminished because it was not needed as badly as it once was (consequently, this is also why metaphysical and psionic abilities are not easily carried out physically by the brain today as they once were).

Even with the substantially low amount of electromagnetic energy within the brain at this point in time, that can be increased slightly and auric fields can become visible with the human eyes. This increase is automatically done when meditation and/or metaphysical ability is used.

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