Ascension is the Re-birth of the Awareness within YOU.

It is the Journey you take to Re-member your Divine Self.

During this Era of Humanity's Evolution,
Ascension is the path of growing and Evolving while you are still
in your Body. The ability to do this, has not happened before
this Great Shift of Consciousness.

Before, you had to be outside your Body for
Ascension to happen. But, within this special
Conjunction of the Universal Energies, you are able to Ascend
while in your Human Host, making it a Beacon of Light for
others upon Our Mother Earth.

It is the Destiny of Humanity to come to know its own Divinity.


Ascension is the Journey towards the Re-uniting of Self.

To become ONE with your Divine Being

and Re-member your Being to the Source.

Often, the Frequency of Conscious Ascension comes in through a test of Faith, where one doubts the very existence of the Divine for some time (Loss of Self).
Information about Ascension has come from numerous spirit guides and ascended masters, through many different channels.  We've been counseled to heal our dysfunctions and let go of our blockages, to prepare for ascension into our Ether Bod

We've been shown visions of a time when we will slough off the need for food as sustenance along with other basic human needs and limitations. Of course, there is a time-honored way of sloughing off the limitations of the human body already in common use-it's called "Death."

And Ascension is definitely not Death; it's something else entirely.  Yet in order to Ascend we must, in a very real and present sense, "die" to certain aspects of Human Behavior and of human biology.

To gain a better understanding of the coming Ascent from Human flesh into our Ether Bodies, we begin by remembering the long-ago descent of our ether bodies into human flesh.

In the teachings of tribal traditions, belief systems, mythologies, faiths and religions, there is a common thread that poses and answers the question, "Where did we come from?"  Someone dreamed us... someone made us... someone sent us here.  Someone invented us and empowered us.

The Source of our forms and lives, the Source of our abilities to maintain, sustain and reproduce our species, the Source of our strength, intelligence and guidance is generally acknowledged to be a force that stands above and beyond ourselves, a force that comes from outside.



Different Views of Ascension

The Hopis speak of the creator Taiowa and his nephew Sotuknang, who drew up the solids, the waters and the winds from endless space.  Basques, Australian Aborigines, the Iroquois and the Gypsies, along with a number of others, tell timeworn tales of their ancestors having come to Earth from afar.

Hindu creation mythology speaks of a lotus flower floating on the waters of infinity, and a number of Oriental and Polynesian traditions refer to a huge turtle upon whose back all land and land animals, including humanity, came into existence in the midst of surrounding primordial waters.

Judeo-Christian tradition begins with the Bible's familiar Old Testament quotation:  "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God, and the Word was with God."  In this way we are given to understand that all creatures great and small upon the Earth (and indeed, the heavens and the Earth themselves) came into existence as the thought forms-the choices and intentions-of the powerful being we call God.

And so it was on Earth at Humanity's beginning.

There were always individual anomalies and exceptions, but the Vibration of Humanity as a whole were through a wavelike series of peaks and troughs. At some point the vibrational down slide bottomed out, and the rising curve (still manifested in a wavelike series of peaks and troughs) took hold.

The Divine Spark of Light itself that had been breathed into the newly Human and boosted by the self-investment of the star colonists began to shine more surely and brightly.

Human Vibration has been steadily on the rise for quite some time, and some of us are starting to think in terms of "upgrading" to a significantly higher vibrational base.

We call it Ascension.

 Walking the Path of Ascension

One who has embarked on the Ascension Path will typically experience a see-saw effect in everyday life. Sometimes she or he will feel superhuman: energy flows easily, challenges are minimized, productivity and overall sense of well-being are enhanced. 

At other times, he or she may feel all too human, weighed down by heavy tasks and challenges, aware of every little ach and pain, and at the mercy of setbacks and delays and even crises as energy flows uncertainly.


Differences between rising Inner Vibrations and the Heavy Vibrations of the surrounding environment can take a heavy toll.

It is during this phase that the bodily process of converting food to fuel tries to kick in. The Mitochondria are stimulated into a frenzy of activity and go on a rampage of creating cell death.

The body starts breaking down in various ways, and we feel all sorts of warning lights starting to flash in our Consciousness. This brings to a body focus, as well as opportunities for decisions that will heal and restore a sense of wholeness.

When we make a decision to seek ascension, we unconsciously (as well as consciously) look for ways to implement that decision. Our bodies get the message and start converting from the internal production of energy (food converted into fuel by the mitochondria within our cells) to reliance on Free Energy.

Although we might continue to consume food, we find ourselves no longer dependent on diet/nutrition for our sustenance; virtually all of what we eat is processed and expelled as waste.

At that point in the Pre-Ascension Process, the old familiar patterns of creating and maintaining good health (a sensible diet, moderate exercise, getting a "normal" amount of sleep, and so forth) play a steadily diminishing role in maintaining body energy and no role whatsoever in determining overall body health or body appearance.


Ascension Through Cellular Redesign:

                    This begins with Reprogramming of one's personal DNA,                    Also called the

Activation of the 12 Strands of our cosmic DNA.

Old programs are identified, examined and phased out or redesigned. Old cells in the physical body (that are dependent on the mitochondria's conversion of food to fuel) would continually die off as is the normal process that exists today.

The new replacement cells would be the redesigned "upgrades," drawing Free Energy directly from external sources (and therefore having no mitochondria, for which there would be no need).

These cells would in and of themselves embody a kind of microbiological Empowered Immortality, for they would be capable of instant transformation into any form-including reversion to pure energy, which many people think of as being "formless"-but they would never die.

Immortal cells would eliminate the need for those bodily systems that now manufacture and distribute new cells. Those systems could then be redesigned to serve some other useful or aesthetically pleasing purpose.


Ascension Through Chakra Upgrades:

Existing Chakras within the Body and Aura would be replaced, one or two at a time, with redesigned Chakras capable of implementing the intentions of the candidate for Ascension.

This would include the Twelve Major Chakras, plus the secondary and tertiary minor Chakras, and could easily be designed as a two or three-step upgrade.

The improved Chakras would draw Free Energy directly from the Source into the Aura, and distribute it throughout the Physical Body.

They would also distribute information, a schematic of the Cellular Redesign Plan, to all parts of the Body, along with the Free Energy.

New cells would be automatically upgraded as they were generated, and existing cells would be Re-educated.

Mitochondria would be phased out or retrained at the cellular level, one body area at a time. In order for this method to work smoothly, you wouldn't necessarily have to reprogram your individual DNA, but you would definitely have to deprogram it selectively in order to prevent old programs from interfering with the details of the upgrade intention(s).



 Ascension is both a Physical Process a Spiritual Process. 


You can't get there by body focus alone. 

Scientists are on a path toward reducing (and eventually eliminating) a number of physical health challenges through genetic alteration and gene therapy.  Even though there might be some expensive mistakes along the way, this is, in principle, a wonderful thing for humanity. 

However, its benefits, improved quality of life and a tendency toward greater longevity, cannot, in and of themselves, bring about Ascension.

Those on the Ascension Path will want to do more than just correct today's Imbalance and dysfunctions or to allay momentary concerns; they will want to look deeper into the situation and find ways to solve the problem on a broader basis.

 It's going to take the fully developed Spiritual Qualities of an Enlightened being whose intelligent imagination and resourceful problem-solving skills represent the best of humankind. 

And it's going to take the intense focus of someone who truly wants Ascension for all the right reasons.  It's going to take someone who knows herself/himself to be truly Human and who is ready to mature into his/her essential Divinity.


To Ascend is To


  Understand and Apply:

The Laws of the Universe

The 12 Dimensions

Sacred Geometry

Solfeggio Frequencies

The Power of Thought

The Power of Symbols

The Power of Numbers


Light vs. Dark


 Activating Your:

12 Strands of DNA

Your Third Eye

Become ONE with the Source by:

Raising your Vibration

 Living as your Divine Self



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