Who You Are



We are Children of Our Universe.

We are Eternal Energy Beings created
from all the Forces of Consciousness.
We have the Ability to Create and Evolve,
a Right given to us by Our Universe.

We are part of the The All That Is,
and are ONE at the Level of Source

We are part of the One Mind, the Complete Consciousness.

The One Mind cannot know Itself
at the level of Source, since all is One
and there is no Manifestation,
space or time,
hence no ability to Experience -
no object, no observer, no players, no play.

We participate, so that The One Mind
can know Itself
by gathering Experiences from all of its aspects
of Being and returning them to the Whole.

We have all decided to experience a Lifetime
in a Human Host, much like an Avatar,
to a lowered dimensional physical plane,
full of limitations and boundaries.

So we may Create and Evolve Ourselves,
along with Our Universe.

We have lived many Lifetimes in the Physical Realm.

We have lived in the past, present and future.
To gain Spiritual Evolution for Ourselves, and further
Humanity's Evolution as well. For us, most of
our lifetimes were involved deeply with Spirituality.

And This Lifetime isn't any different.
You are here, at this Time,
to usher in the next Evolutionary Age.
The Age of En-LIGHT-enment.

You are here
to give Light to a Darkened Era.
To give Our Universe its Great Balance.

We are The Great Observer, The Source.
We are all this ONE Source.

Living as a Human, within the
Third, Fourth and Fifth-Dimensions,
is only The Great Observer discovering
its Divine Self.

By Becoming a Light Being on Earth,
we evolve Humanity by Freeing Humanity
from its Denial of Divinity,
to become the Christ Consciousness.

We are Light Beings, here to Be of Service
to Humanity, and its Evolution.
Showing the World that Love conquers Fear.
Bringing Truth to our Brethren and giving
them Freedom from the Holographic Universe,
known as the Matrix.

  • Total Acceptance and within Honor to the Free Will of All Beings
  • Connection to Intuition of the Oversoul and The One Mind
  • A Courage to Consciously engage into the Unknown
  • Living the Universal Flow of Consciousness
  • Expansions to Search for all Truths
  • True Self (Your Divine Self)
  • A Circle Mentality 
Defines the Light Being
The Holy Trinity + Truth = The Awakened ONE (Neo)

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