It Is Time To Awaken......


To Freedom Fighters Unite!

This Site is dedicated to all those
that have chosen to become
a part of a this Pinnacle lifetime,
here on Earth.

Reincarnating at this time,
to usher in the Age of Enlightenment.

This is a Tool
to Awaken your Consciousness,
Activate your Potential
and Aspire you to your own Greatness.

Opening the Doorway to the Universe's
Love and Infinite Wisdom.

We have All chosen to incarnate
at this time, to Give Light
to a Darkened Era.

An Era, where the Forces of Darkness
have been in control for more
than 3,000 years, creating a Matrix of Negativity
over the whole of the Earth

What is this Matrix?

The Matrix is a Surreal Existence,
which is fed by everyone
of those who are connected to it,
through their Ignorance, Obedience
and Suppression.

It is a compilation of Illusions and Control,
in which negativity has multiplied and formed
a vibrational grid over our Energy Frequencies,
and in return keeping us from gaining Awareness

How do we Fight this?

We must come together Collectively
and become ONE, within the Source.
We are spread out thinly
across the World.

With the recent Age of Information,
via the internet, we are able to connect
and discover there are others
like us out there.

It is time to start coming Together
in a Singular Purpose.
We must start taking Action
instead of just complaining
about how things are.


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