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We are all 'star seeds', or 'star people' as we all have lived in many realities in many planetary systems and in higher realms as other life forms.

So here we are, star seeds, souls sparks on a mission, trapped for NOW in a physical experience. Starseeds allegedly seed planets with information and spiritual frequency when one cycle of time is about to end and another begin.

As planetary frequency increases, so too does their levels of awareness, and need to help others, and return to their natural state of being, a soul spark of light.

There is little connection to the mainstream systems of society, religious, political or economic. Creativity is the key to spiritual fulfillment and mission. Many prefer to work only in the esoteric fields - healing, searching for their own truths and their soul mission through studying systems of higher wisdom, writing their biographies as a means of clearing issues and understanding their work here and now.

They await a great awakening the evolution of consciousness through the alchemy of time. They know that no one has the date for us to move into levels of higher frequency but their souls tell them that it is on the horizon.

They are programmed to find others like themselves, as based on similar frequencies and predestined agendas. Sometimes these souls are labeled 'walk-ins' or 'wanderers'.

It is all the same as it really one soul having multidimensional experiences. Some starseeds can overcome feelings of longing because they remember how to manifest realities that help them function in physical bodies while doing their work, holding their frequency here, at the same time.

Others feel lost and alone, become depressive and withdraw from society feeling that no one understands them. Some die young from illnesses, accidents, suicides as the pain of remaining here becomes too great.

Most are hampered by the limitations of the third dimension. Most do not want children. Some trigger soul memory gradually as their conscious awareness evolves. Others chose to attract an event, such as a near death experience, in which they detach from the physical grid returning in higher frequency.

By creating a physical event of this kind, they are often left with a the finances so they no longer have to work in the physical and can spend their time searching for the truth about their purpose here. A functional soul will never take this route of sabotage.

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