Light Versus Dark

It all begins with the Source
        the One Mind, the ONENESS.         
Visualize a perfectly still pool of water.
The still water represents the Highest State
of Mind-Energy in Creation, The Source, The ONENESS
  which has no Vibration, which is All-Potential,
The Blank Canvas.
A Pebble is then thrown in,
Creating a Disturbance which 
produces a Ripple.
   That Pebble is a Thought, an Intent, or an Emotion. 
Another Pebble is thrown in and another series
  of Concentric Waves are Created.
 As these waves interact with each other,
 a type of Steady State is achieved at the
 Points of Intersection.
Those Nodes become what we refer
to as Particles. They still oscillate, change amplitude
and frequency, but can also be defined and located
in Space-Time. They become the subatomics,
the atoms, the molecules, layer upon layer. 
As Above, So Below, As Within, So Without
Attention and Belief reinforce any given Form,
whether it's through Love, Fear or even Hate.
Conversely, the absence of any kind of attention or
belief leads to the disintegration of form.
Thought and Belief create Reality,
Ripples in the Sea of Consciousness.
Any Thought can Create and Attract by the way
of Reciprocal Thought Experiences-
a victim mindset attracting abuse for example.
In Dense Realities like this one,
Consciousness moves more slowly
and has an inertial resistance to Change,
where 'what is' tends to remain in place.
A Strong Impulse is Required to Initiate a New Paradigm.
   The Universe is a Self-experiencing, Self-creating Entity.
 Through Thought there is Vibration,
through Vibration there is Manifestation,
through Manifestation there is Separation,
Objectification, Observation, Polarity, and Experience.
The One Mind cannot know Itself
at the level of Source, since all is One
and there is no Manifestation, space or time,
hence no ability to experience - no object, no observer,
no players, no play.
We participate so that The One Mind can know
itself by gathering Experiences from all of its aspects
of being and returning them to the Whole.

Creation is a vast spectrum of Frequencies
in which there are many bands of Existence.
We are part of the The All That Is,
and are One at the Level of Source
   But within Vibration there is Polarity, which
becomes more pronounced the further you
move into Density.
 Dark and Light are integral to this Holographic
Reality. Viewed at this level, Dark and Light
are acting in opposition. Creating a Duality
Illusion,which leads to a "separation" from
the ONENESS of the Universe, the One Mind
From the Perspective of the Source,
Light and Dark are Cooperative Forces,
creating a Potential Field of Experience,
a rich learning environment with all
its Shades of Gray.
Light Versus Dark
It is not a question of which of these Forces are
"Better", "Right" or "Stronger", because
the ONENESS of the Universe Just IS,
 as it always has been, and always will be.
    Dark is Defined by
  • A Pyramid Mentality
  • Denials towards the Oneness
  • Living the False Ego (The Human Self)
  • The Manipulation of the Free Will of  Others
  • The Belief in the Lies of Ignorance, Fear, Deception
  • The Denial of Responsibility for One's Self and Creation
  • The Entrapment in Dichotomy, False Attachments or Addiction.
  • Total Acceptance and within Honor to the Free Will of All Beings
  • Connection to Intuition of the Oversoul and The One Mind
  • A Courage to Consciously engage into the Unknown
  • Living the Universal Flow of Consciousness
  • Expansions to Search for all Truths
  • True Self (Your Divine Self)
  • A Circle Mentality 
  To Define the Light
  There are no outside Battles to be Won,
  the struggle is within YOU. 
   There are no pending Prophecies to be Fulfilled,
    all of the prophecies expressed by our ancestors,
   speak only of the effects Duality and Density
   inflict on our Divine Self, and shows us the Tools
    to overcome them, which have always been there,
  for You to use.
  Balancing each of these Forces, brings Harmony
  to Our Universe.
 In this Era of the Great Shift of Consciousness,
  Creative Forces of the One Mind is creating
more Light into the Universal Psyche.
Through this, You and I are able to
Re-connect to Our Divine Self,
Becoming One again to the Source.
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