Our Universe




The Universe is Our Home

It can be described as a Vast, Infinite Abyss
made of Vibrational Energy Forces
of Consciousness, through Sound
and Geometrical Patterns.

The Universe is the Collective Oneness to Everything we Perceive.

The Alpha and Omega of Existence

From the Microcosm to the Macrocosm

All within a Single Entity that is called
Our Universe.

There are many theories on how the
Universe got started,
The Truth Is

The Universe has always Been and always Will Be

For Countless Millennium,

Our Universe has Created and Evolved
all Species and Habitats, within its Abyss.

As Children of the Universe,
We are a part of this Evolution.
We have decided to become a part of
The Human Experience.

We are Eternal Energy Beings created from all
the Forces of Consciousness.
We have the Ability to Create and Evolve,
a right given to us by our Universe.

And we have all decided to experience a Lifetime
in a Human Host, much like an Avatar,
to a Three Dimensional Physical Plane,
full of limitations and boundaries.

So we may Create and Evolve Ourselves,
along with Our Universe.

Each of us came here, on our Mother Earth,
to experience The Human Condition.

We are Our Universe's Expression of Individuality.

We are part of the Source,
the One Mind,

And the One Mind cannot know Itself
at the level of Source, since all is One
and there is no Manifestation,
space or time,
hence no ability to Experience -
no object, no observer, no players, no play.

We participate, so that The One Mind
can know Itself
by gathering Experiences from all of its aspects
of Being and returning them to the Whole.

When we are born, we instantly forget our Home,
for you have been "Separated" from the Oneness.
We have forgotten our Divine Self, and our True Universe.

We are here to Re-member these Truths.

Laws of the Universe
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                       We have forgotten  the Laws and Rules of our Universe,                         in which we must Adhere to.

To become Awaken, is to Re-member these Laws within You



Law of One


Every Soul, living and discarnate,
is connected at the level of the
collective unconscious, deep
within the Higher-Self.

We are all part of a great energy
gestalt called God, and because we
are part of God, we are God!.

It is the goal of the gestalt to move
the energy forward,
creating more energy.

So, in living harmoniously, we each
increase our vibrational rate and intensify
the vibration of the entire gestalt.

When we are disharmonious, we decrease
the vibration of the entire gestalt,
because we are ONE, everything you think,
say and do, affects every other Soul.



  Law of Reincarnation and Karma


Until you have resolved your Karma
and fulfilled your Dharma,
which are the deeds you must do,
you will continue to reincarnate
into sequential lifetime upon the earth.

Neither God nor the Lords of Karma
bestow suffering upon you
during these lives, you and
you alone decide what you most
need to learn and in your
earthly journey, and for each life
experience you seek out other souls,
often with shared histories,
and always with Karmic configurations
matching your needs.

Whenever you act with intention you create Karma.

Actions are considered to be thoughts,
emotions, words and deeds,
and the motive, desire
and intent behind each.

Disharmonious acts must be balanced
in the future in this life
or in a future lifetime,
to have Soul growth.



Law of Harmony


This Law supersedes even the
Fundamental Law of Karma,
for Harmony is the supreme
potential of Balance.

The Purpose of Karma is to attain Harmony.
If you through a rock into a pond,
you disturb the Harmony of the
pond, you are the cause, the effect
is the splash and the ripples
that flows out and back
until Harmony is restored.

Similarly, your disharmonious actions
flow out into the Universe
and back upon you,
Lifetime after Lifetime,
until eventually your
own Harmony is Restored.


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