The Freedom Fighter


Freedom Fighters are those who are
Light Workers in a Human Host,
so they may bring forth LIGHT unto a
Darkened World, To Balance ourselves,
along with our Mother Earth.

They are now Ascending their Selves,
so they may Rise above the Lower Vibrations
of the Matrix (the Holographic System)

They Strive for Freedom of their Human
or the Carnal (reptilian) Mind,
by becoming Enlightened to the Frequencies
and Vibrations that is the Universe,
allowing their Super-Conscious Mind to
Activate and Manifest a more Harmonious Earth.

They Strive for Freedom of their Spirit
from the illusion of Religion, through Gnosis,
The Divine Knowledge. They discover that
the powers they need lie within their True Selves.
There is no need for a dependency of fictional deities,
for they re-member they ARE the Deities
that were taught to them throughout their lives.

They Strive for Freedom of their Bodies
from the restraints of Negativity that surrounds them,
by becoming Aware of their Ego,
and in turn taking control of their bodies from
their Ego, allowing their Human Host to become
a beacon of Light within the
Darkness of the World.

Freedom Fighters Understand:

There is No Emotion, only Peace.

Emotions are a Humanistic Trait.
As an Energy Being, we understand that emotions
can deceive us in our Journey to Enlightenment.
Our Ego (our Human Self), controls these emotions.
An Enlightened Being understands we are not
our Egos, and that complete Peace
within our hearts is the path.

There is no Ignorance, only Knowledge.

Knowledge is Our Power, and it is Everywhere.
Our Dark Brethren control us with Ignorance.
They have kept the secrets of our True Selves,
and our True Universe from us. They have
programmed all within the Matrix, into believing
what ever they wish us to believe
and perceive.

A Freedom Fighter understand this, and does
not accept Ignorance, but seeks to
find Truth and sharing this Truth to us ALL.

There is no Passion, Only Serenity.

Passion is an Emotion that harbors Humanistic
Desires. It limits your Energy Vibrations
to a singular purpose. Serenity, on the other hand,
is the Universal Calmness and application of
Peace in all areas. The Light Being knows to
not use Passion in their effort,
but use Serenity to give
Light to uncertainty.

There is no Chaos, Only Harmony.

Chaos is created when there is an unbalance of
the Universe's Forces. It is a tool
our Dark Brethren uses to keep control over us,
by creating the chaos and manipulating
us to think they are here to resolve the chaos
they created. Harmony is achieved when
the Natural Balance is restored.
Freedom Fighters fight for Harmony,
that is their ultimate goal.

America's Freedom Fighters

"When People Fear their Government,
There is Tyranny.
When the Government Fears the People,
there is Liberty."

~Thomas Jefferson

America's Freedom Fighters

We are a Patriot Organization that believes in
defending and upholding the Constitution for
the Republic of America.

Our Primary Mission is to protect our Country
from Traitors who are the corrupt Politicians,
corrupt Civil Servants, corrupt Union Members
and Officials on the Federal, State and Local levels,
who have now spread throughout our Country
and around the World.

There are many corrupt corporations,
civil servants, enforcement agencies and
their members, that are linked with
organized crimes.

They currently are in power within
the Government, and have control
over all our Daily needs including food,
water, even the air.

And They have a great mission to Rule
over the Entire World with a
central power system, and they call
it the New World Order.

Freedom Fighters are those who stand up for the
Unalienable Rights given to all of us,
from our Universe.

We Declare Independence
from this Tyranny, so we may become Free
of its programming that has been instilled
by its corruption.

Becoming Free allows for Manifesting a more
Harmonious World.

To Understand exactly what is going on,
and to discover the Lies and Deceptions in which
these crime organizations are using to keep
us enslaved, watch these videos.


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