What is the Matrix?


The Matrix is a Holographic System,
a Surrealistic Existence made of illusions
that shapes realities around you based
on your own feelings, fears, desires,
expectations, beliefs, emotions and thoughts.

A Lowered Vibrational Grid
covering our Energy Frequencies,
within each Individual,
and upon the Earth itself.
It has been constructed to keep You
and everyone else from attaining
Total Awareness and Ascension into
the Super-Consciousness of the Universe.

It is fed, with the energy of all those connected to it,
through their ignorance, obedience and suppression.

It is a system of control based on Thought Reading,
on the Pavlovian association of ideas and on the
manipulation of language and doubletalk.

It manipulates - and sometimes distorts -
present society values
(like money, sex, success, fame, intellectual
recognition, and professional fulfillment, among others)
in order to make you off-balanced,
which in return separates and effects your energies.

It tries to deconstruct your own beliefs
and turn them against you,
by using elements that have a strong mathematical
similarity with the elements that are comprised
in your beliefs.

This Lowers Your Natural Vibrations to the Oneness
of the Universe, and masks
Your Super-Consciousness abilities.

It is a system apparently designed
to suppress from your heart the
True feeling of Love, the strongest Energy Force
within the Universe's Consciousness.
A system that instills Fear,
the opposite of the strongest energy force,
within the same Consciousness.

Love Creates and Cherishes, Fear Destroys and Disassociates.

Love leads to Understanding, Fear leads to Suffering.

To Unplug yourself from this Matrix,
is to Conquer the Fear with your Love.
You must Balance the Energies
and Harmonize the Vibrations,
through Enlightenment,
Activation of your DNA,
Applying your Inner Powers,
and Ascending your Divine Self.

Becoming a Free Entity that has within them
the Powers of the Universe,
To Evolve Humanity,
and have the ability to Manifest
a more balanced Earth to live upon.

To become ONE again,
one with each other,
with Our Mother Earth,
and all of the Universe.


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